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Every day our doctors and staff get asked questions by caring pet owners wanting to know more about our clinic and how to best take care of their pets. We’ve made this FAQ’s list to include questions that we get about pets as well as questions that we get about our pet clinics. Have a question you don’t see below? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of animals does Animal Urgent Care (AUC) care for?

We only treat cats and dogs. In cases where a pocket pet (bird, hamster, etc.) is suffering and needs to be humanely euthanized, AUC can provide this service but any other forms of treatment for species other than cats and dogs would need to be performed at a different hospital (we can provide you with information for other hospitals that will treat your pocket pet).

How long are your wait times?

Every attempt will be made to minimize wait times but given the nature of emergency medicine it could be anywhere from no waiting to several hours. We always advise calling in ahead of time and we can give you a general idea of what to expect. If your pet does not have a life-threatening emergency, it is always best to come in outside of the “busy hours” which are typically from 6 pm-10 pm weekdays and from 10 am-2 pm on weekends.

What types of cases does AUC treat?

Whether it’s a broken toe-nail or anaphylactic shock, AUC will treat most conditions that present to us. For cases that are not life threatening and your primary veterinarian is able and willing to treat, we will advise that you make an appointment with them. We also do not perform routine procedures on healthy pets such as spays, neuters, dentals and vaccinations.

Why can’t you give me a price quote over the phone?

The only services we can quote over the phone is our examination fee and the cost for euthanasia, everything else would require an examination first. Then, based on the doctor’s findings and recommendations, a treatment plan will be created and provided prior to proceeding.

Does AUC accept appointments?

We do not accept appointments and patients are seen strictly on a first come/first serve basis. Similar to human emergency hospitals, preference will be given to the most urgent cases first followed by those who have been waiting the longest.

How does AUC communicate with my primary veterinarian?

We work very closely with local veterinarians which is vital to the continuity of your pet’s health care. Every patient that is seen at AUC will automatically have their records (including all diagnostics) sent to your primary veterinarian during or immediately following your visit here.

What types of payment does AUC accept?

As with most other veterinary hospitals, AUC does not accept payment plans so all services provided will require payment up front (which can be in the form of cash, check or credit card). We also accept all forms of pet insurance as well as medical credit such as Care Credit or Scratch Pay.

If you suspect your pet is having an emergency, please contact us by calling 760-738-9600 or visit us immediately. When minutes are on the line, Animal Urgent Care is here for you.

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